Sardinia: Capo Caccia

The underwater caves of Capo Caccia

10 days spent at the beautiful Capo Galera Diving Center.
We went on several dives to the numerous underwater caves:
the Nereo Cave, the Phantoms’ Cave, the Deer’s cave, the Stalactite cave. We also saw and took pictures of a cannon of a Spanish galleon, parazoanthus and leptosamnia, extraordinary branches of red coral, cerianthus, mantis shrimps, lobsters. We also saw a lot of fish, shoals of barracudas, big groupers, huge corvines, snappers, breams, eels, conger eels and many others.
Our guides were helpful, kind and most of all very professional. A special thanks to Federica and Gaddo of Capo Galera Diving Center.