Dubai “they came with Daba Dubai”

Dubai, Obaid says, is a diminution of the word Daba meaning baby locusts. An Arabic proverbs says “they came with Daba Dubai” meaning they came with a swarm of locusts from this area(
The Emirate of Dubai, overlooking the Persian Gulf and placed in the east side of the Arabian Peninsula, was an important commercial center mainly for its strategic position on the Persian Gulf since the end of 1700, but also … because it was predestined!
No one knew what ‘Oil’ was but it was there waiting to be discovered. It happened in 1958. And this was the flash that in a few decades has transformed this strip of land in the desert in an authentic “expo” with the most modern and amazing architectural structures.
It is a real “Cathedral in the Desert,” a “Gymnasium” where the most famous architects in the world have indulged in building them! Among all stands the famous “Burj al Khalifa (the tallest in the world), and many luxury hotels including the Burj Al Arab, the ‘Sail’ (a 7 stars hotel) and the Atlantis, a pink castle which remembers the fairy tales. But not only.
A modern airport, allows you to get to this strip of land from all over the world, land that gets bigger and bigger because… it rests on the sea and continue to extend its boundaries through unique daring engineering works: “La Palma”, a residential project built in the sea … on the sea. Bringing tons and tons of sand from the desert has generated a multitude of artificial islands, where stand, even there, skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes in which are born and grow huge shopping malls, where you can find almost all trademarks present in the world of fashion and beyond.
Dubai has struggled and fights against the desert with success. The Emirate has won the fight to have the most precious thing … water! Water consumption of this Emirate is among the highest in the world and water … abounds! It is pumped on and on from the sea and after a process of desalination, feeds the whole town!
The Emirate, governed by a Sheik who is very forward-looking, modern and with extraordinary capabilities, attracts thousands of tourists and foreign companies that have opened here their offices to create new business, new opportunities, new challenges! As the latest newly launched: the Expo 2020, which will give rise to a strong development both in economic terms and also to tourism.
In this avant-garde and modern world, Dubai has preserved its tradition, Bastakiya, the old quarter where the city was born, built by Persian merchants, where you can stroll among the traditional sand-colored houses, bazaars and the famous wind towers that thank to a mechanical system brought fresh air inside the houses, almost like an air conditioner.
The passage of water between Bastakiya and the district of Deira, the ‘Creek’, is a very important thoroughfare. The Wooden typical boats, the “abra”, are moored in a row along the banks and, through them, at all times, you can cross the Creek. It’s fascinating to see the continuous coming and going of people and of the characteristic dhow. Nearby you can visit the ‘souks’ that sell merchandise of any kind. Particularly interesting are the gold souk, where you can see hundreds of necklaces of all kinds on display in the sparkling shop windows together with bracelets, rings and so on, that of spices, where you can find all possible spices including dried rose petals, incense, dates.
And then the desert … where the excursions at sunset with 4 wheel-drive cars, up and down the red and ocher dunes, and dinner in the Bedouin camps set up in the desert with Arabian food and music with traditional dances, offer an unforgettable experience.