80th Parallel, a breathtaking journey at world’s end!

The last Caluma’s experience has been a cruise in the ices that from Longyearbyen, in the Svalbard islands, took us along the coast of this beautiful archipelago, up to the island of Moffen, a strip of land in the Arctic sea, a sanctuary of walrus and seals, located at the 80th parallel not far from the North Pole. This is the first island that, in 1596, Willem Barents met when sailing to the Svalbard islands. This part of the world is a series of endless white and light blue glaciers, icebergs, mountains that for the presence of ferrous material and for surface lichens turned with colors ranging from green to gray to red, of desolate lands where nature, even if for a few days a year, the warmest in summer time, find the strength to give birth to bushes covered with small flowers of various colors. Seagulls and other artic birds twirl in the air. Whales, belugas, seals and walruses cut through the icy ocean waters while on land and on the ice, polar bears patrol the territory in search of prey. This time of year the light does not have a break. The sun surrounded by a halo surreal, reflects its rays incessantly defeating the dark for months. There is also the presence of man in what we might call as the two “outposts”: the Russian settlement of Barentsburg and the scientific basis of Ny-Alesund from where it took off the famous airship ‘Italia’ commanded by Nobile which reached the geographic North Pole. And from the same base a plane  with the explorer Amundsen on board took off, to bring aid to the airship Italia, which tragically fell on the pack.
All this creates a surreal atmosphere which conquer you!


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