Author: Carlo Franchini – Editor: Ist. Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato – Code no. ISBN 978-88-240-1232-4 – Year: 2010 – Language: Italian – Size: 24×30 cm – Pages: 288 – Color photographs: 290 – Hardcover – Price: Euro 100,00 VAT included To buy: 30% discount if you send your order to the Publishing House:, indicating as the font Attachments: DVD 1 LUNGO LA ROTTA STORICA – DVD 2 DALLA VALLE DELL’OMO AL FUOCO DELLA DANCALIA

Often called ‘the cradle of humanity’ due to the discovery of hominids in its territory, Ethiopia is a land full of charm. It is constantly changing due to its volcanic activity and is able to enchant the visitor with an infinite variety of landscapes, ranging from 120 m below sea level in the Danakil depression to over 4000 m in the Semien mountains.