Our Trips

When travelling I believe it is important to understand what one wants and what one is looking for.

rinocerontiAn island in the Tropics can offer wonderful days of rest, a deep tan and a therapeutic break from ones hectic everyday life, which are without doubt a wonderful sensation. However, for those who are curious, the same island can also be an opportunity to discover different landscapes, wildlife and cultures.

Let’s not forget that the Earth is an extraordinary mosaic of incredibly diverse natural landscapes: endless sandy beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, deserts, coral reefs, forests; of unique and sometimes bizarre plants and animals; of remains from the past; of archaeological sites; of extraordinary ancient and modern cities, and … especially … of people with different traditions and cultures, some of which are still ‘timeless’.

For me travelling means all this. Living new experiences, again and again. When a place is fascinating, it is never enough to go there only once. Personally I am more attracted to Africa and the lands situated on the equatorial belt that embrace the globe. However my trips to Jordan, Iceland, Greenland, Tierra del Fuego and Syria were equally extraordinary! It has always been curiosity that widened my horizons and led me, by hand, to experience, time after time, beautiful surprises!

My trips also gave me new encounters and true friendships, without cultural barriers, because human similarities and empathy form the bases of attraction.
I also believe ones journey continues well after it is finished. It is only once I come back that I can arrange my ideas. When I talk about my adventures or meet my travel companions my emotions come back, strong, and all my memories are alive once again. The same is true with videos and photographs.

In this section I will describe some of my latest trips.

Our Trips