About Us

chi-siamoI was born in the ‘Horn of Africa’, more specifically in Eritrea, where I then lived for many years.
The trips I went on sparked and fed, day after day, my passion for nature in all its forms, including ethnography and archaeology. These interests later spread to other African countries, where I spent unforgettable moments in contact with their unique and engaging nature and people. I listened to their stories, watched their ceremonies and observed their customs and traditions with close interest, curiosity and respect.

My love for the sea and the years I spent on the Red Sea, meant I was also drawn to the wonderful underwater world. My gyms were the Islands of the Dahlak archipelago as well as those further north, such as Difnein and Harmil, and those to the south, such as Baka, Agiuz and Gebel Tair in the heart of the Red Sea. My travels, both by sea and land, then took me further afield to other countries: Greenland, Iceland, the Middle East, India, Asia, America and Europe.

The set up of the CALUMA website is the result of my meeting with a person of great sensitivity, culture and professionalism to whom goes all my gratitude.

CALUMA is a project that emerged from the desire to share my love for nature, archaeology, ethnography and travels, as well as to share my adventures with those who are curious like me. For this reason I will also be mentioning cultural events, books, exhibitions and links, which could be of interest.

I feel it is necessary to mention that these are my own personal experiences. It will be for the readers to make their own assessments and judgments.

Similarly, the trips mentioned are to be used just as footprints. If you wish to undertake a similar journey, you will need to consult a specialized travel agency and get all the necessary updated information.

All the legal notes regarding the website can be found in the ‘terms and conditions’ section.

The website will be updated from time to time, enriched by your comments and suggestions. A newsletter will inform the reader of all the latest news.

We wish you Happy Trip and a Good Navigation on the website!